I love to travel , and i love to cook. Despite cultures and traditions being different all around the world, food and memories are the two things we can relate to and share the most. This small blog is to share my travel experiences and memories along with an array of dishes from destinations around [...]


I was born in Paris, before the age of 1, my mother and I move to Cambodia and settled. 13 years later most of my family moved to France, where i completed my middle and high school years. Being a French citizen growing up abroad and having never lived in France before, at first it [...]


  Cambodia, also known as the Kingdom of Wonders. Located in south-east Asia, between Thailand and Vietnam, neighboring Laos. A war torn country when i first discovered it, then it evolved just as I did, Phnom Penh, it's Capital, a place i referred to as Home for the longest time. Influenced by France during its [...]